National Telemed Business Solutions is a virtual healthcare platform created to provide an affordable healthcare solution for small to medium sized businesses. We understand that many small to medium sized business owners simply can’t afford to offer their employees any health benefits. And, we know that a SMB may often need to   use independent contractors such as hairdressers, realtors, salespeople, etc. who don’t qualify for most company benefits.  Now, we make it easier to attract and keep good people on your team regardless if they are W2 or 1099.

We combine the best-in-class virtual healthcare including general medical, mental health, medical savings and employee concierge services. With a National Telemed Business Solutions membership, you, your employees, your independent contractors and their immediate household will have access to the most trusted telehealth provider in the world. We chose Teladoc, the largest, oldest and only publicly traded telemedicine provider in the United States to power the general medical and mental health portions of our platform.

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